Review/Homework Assignment: Face the Expert

Face the Expert┬áis the name Math in the Middle has called this Review activity. I have heard it called “Business Meeting” and “Speed Dating” with all the same basic principle. Each student is assigned a problem. The student must become an expert in that problem so that if another student has a question, he/she can help them solve it. Arrange desks so that students can face each other and pair up (however, in my room, it’s easier to keep the pairs side-by-side). The pairs try to solve each other’s problem. If one student get stuck, then they can ask the “expert” to help them solve. It creates great conversations. You can do what you want to get partners to rotate. Sometimes I say the partner with the longest hair, stand up and go to your left and then whoever rotated in the first round will keep rotating. Other times I say the partner on the left rotate to your left. I think it’s easier if the same person keeps rotating. Whenever I played this last year, the students with longer hair remembered they had to rotate and ask for shorter-haired students to rotate. It was quite cute because they can remember that detail from months ago!

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