Friendship City Program: Yahaba, Japan

Fremont, Michigan is a Friendship City with Yahaba, Japan. As a friendship city, a middle school delegation from Yahaba, Japan that visits Fremont Middle School in the Fall and then Fremont Middle School gathers a delegation to visit Yahaba, Japan in the summer. The delegates from Yahaba come to the middle school to give presentations about their culture while practicing their English. The delegation stays with host families. The delegation process on our end involves interviews in the Winter and weekly meetings in the Spring to learn about their culture and create a presentation about American culture. To learn more, click here.

During my first year of teaching, I applied and was selected to be a delegate representing the staff at Fremont Middle School. It was an amazing trip with 100+ stories to share. I am now a volunteer for the Friendship City team and I help plan the Yahaba visit in the Fall, interview potential delegates in the Winter, and host weekly meetings in the Spring. I also organize the fundraiser at the local bowling alley every Spring and update the display case each season.

Below are some of the pictures from my trip to Japan in 2013

Yahaba, Japan 2013  Yahaba, Japan 2013 Yahaba, Japan 2013  Yahaba, Japan 2013Yahaba, Japan 2013  Japan6  Yahaba, Japan 2013  Yahaba, Japan 2013

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