Multiplication Game: Dice Game

I learned about the Dice Game from my mentor teacher. It’s a simple game where it is part luck and part skill. Students are with a partner and need one die for the both of them. The teacher creates a page of multiplication problems (I do a half-page of about 50 to help save paper). I pass out the paper, problem-side down. I tell the students that one partner has the die and will keep rolling it until they roll a 5. The number doesn’t matter since each number has a 1 out of 6 chance; it’s a good conversation about what number to pick.When you roll a 5, yell “FIVE!” Meanwhile, the other partner who does not have the die, tries to complete as many multiplication problems as they can before their partner rolls a 5. When they hear their partner yelling “FIVE!” the roles switch. This goes back and forth until the timer ends. I set a timer for 3 minutes. The students get really into it. I do no allow calculators, but I do allow a multiplication sheet that is glued into their notebooks. I also make the students go right in order on the problem list.

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