I finished early…now what??

The following is a list of games for students to play if they are finished with their homework/quiz/test. I play these games when our daily schedule has been adjusted for state-wide testing, when I have an IEP meeting, and when I have an emergency sub.

Factor Game: I found this game on Illuminations, but I found a better description of it from the 7th Grade Math Teacher Extraordinaire blog I keep a printed grid (some go up to 49) ready and have players choose. During the first week of school, I go over this game so students know how to play when they finish early during the school year. We play it on the whiteboard first. Then students play in pairs and afterwards we have a discussion about what makes a good first move.

Finished Game Example


Product Game: It is another gem from Illuminations. In the Materials section, I have copies of the game board ready in page protector sleeves. Students use dry-erase Markers to show the products (one student might use “X’s” and the other student uses “O’s”) and paperclips to show which two numbers they are multiplying (the paperclips are stored inside the page protector sleeve). We play this game in the beginning of the year, too.



Product Game

Number Jumbler: My mentor teacher plays this with her 6th grade students. They love it! Have a student roll the device, add the two black die together to get your goal number. Use addition, subtraction, multipication, and division with the remaining number to get your goal number. On the box, you would add 10 and 2 to make 12. Then use 4, 2, 3, 3, and 6 to equal 12 with basic operations. The goal is to be able to use all of the numbers (4, 2, 3, 3, 6) to get to 12 instead of just saying 3×4=12.

She lets them combine numbers to make a double-digit number (i.e. combine 2 and 4 to make 24). I don’t let them do that in 7th grade. Students must use all numbers in order to get the goal number to earn full points. Some students ask if exponents are allowed and I let them use it even if there isn’t a 2 listed. Once students catch on to use 0 as an exponent, then I challenge them to come up with a different solution.


24 Game: I found this game on amazon after purchasing Number Jumbler. I can’t wait to try it this year! It’s the same basic idea, but I like that there are double digits and integers.

Original 24 Game Cards Double Digits                               24 Game: Integers


Math00: It’s like the game Taboo, but with math vocabulary. I use this as a vocabulary review, too. It’s a fun, challenging game. I use this game as a filler, extended activity, math center, etc. It is worth the purchase from Teachers Pay Teachers. Thank you Schoolhouse Diva! I do ask students to create their own to add to the pile. I printed and laminated the cards during the summer on cardstock. I want these to last and it was worth the extra time and money!

Math Vocabulary Game - Mathoo (Compare to Taboo®)

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