Classroom Organization: Seating Arrangement

These colored garage sale stickers are great for helping me create seating charts. I have 35 desks and I number each desk. I intentionally number the desks so that groups of four would have one of each color. It makes it easier for students to know how to form a group with the desks. I create an excel spreadsheet numbered 1-35. Then when I re-do the seating assignment, I post the numbered spreadsheet with the student names. Students look for their name and desk number. When we use Chromebooks and calculators in class, the students use their desk number to match the Chromebook and calculator number. During class, if I want to get a variety of students to volunteer answers/thoughts/questions, I give them a heads-up that they might get called on…”I would like to hear from someone sitting an orange-sticker seat…” I  know that the Greens are multiples of 4, the Oranges are multiples of 3, etc. If I want to make finding partners easier, I ask the pink stickers to meet in one corner of the classroom, the yellow stickers in the other corner, etc.


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